Is Your Tape Measure All That It Measures Up To Be? New Bedford Tool & Gauge, Co. Introduces A Cool New Tool That Measures Up

No more guesswork or rework; forget the old adage, “measure twice; cut once”.  With SawGear you just enter your dimension, slap your board against the stop, and make your cut.  The New Bedford Tool & Gauge Co. name draws its heritage from the whaling ships that sailed from New Bedford, MA in the 18th century, but its technology is game changing for the construction industry in the 21st century. 

Tualatin, OR July 17, 2009 - SawGear offers automation technology at an affordable price for framing, forming, finish carpentry, cabinetry, installation jobs, tube and pipe cutting, extrusion cutting, or any job that requires precise measuring.  It is the necessary tool for completing jobs, curtailing costs, and improving quality.  This innovative new tool, dubbed “Jobsite Automation”, provides a reported labor savings of 15% to 30% and streamlines the building process allowing room to win bids. 

The patented SawGear is rugged and portable and gives the professional unparalleled accuracy with each and every cut.  Developed over three years by a top team in motion control, SawGear makes smart technology affordable.

Easy-to-use, SawGear clamps easily to the miter stand and takes minutes to learn; anyone can run the SawGear in minutes and cut like a pro!  Simply enter a dimension, slap the board against the stop, and make the cut.  It’s really that easy! 

“It’s the ultimate chop saw accessory”, says Brandon Vaughn from a full service contracting company, Cutting Edge Interiors LLC. “If you’re building custom homes or high end interiors, then you just aren’t going to compete in the future without SawGear.  It’s a game changer!  We get the job done faster so I can get home in time for dinner with my family.  I won’t do another job without one.”

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