SawGear Miter Saw Automated Stop Gauge

Don’t Measure, Don’t Mark, Just Cut!


With thinning margins and heavy competition for every bid, being good at what you do is no longer enough – you need a competitive advantage. Something that will help you complete jobs ahead of schedule, something that will improve accuracy and overall job quality while reducing waste and rework. You need SawGear.

SawGear streamlines the entire building process from framing to finish with automatic length measuring for your miter saw (chop saw). SawGear is accurate to plus or minus 1/128”, is job-site rugged, and is easy to use: Simply enter a dimension on the keypad, SawGear will move, then slap your material against the stop and make your  cuts – both straight cuts and miter cuts.

SawGear Brochure Download SawGear is available in 8, 12 and 16 foot working lengths, and it fits on either the right or left side of your mitre (miter) saws and mitre saw stands.

Download SawGear Brochure

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